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About Us
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Our History

New Light AIDS Control Society was founded on 17th of July, 1994 and later on registered in 1999 under Societies Act 1860. Starting with street-to-street, door-to-door and house-to-house outreach and person-to-person connections, the New Light AIDS Control Society started a conversation about HIV/AIDS at a time when it was a taboo subject, and in a community that no one was serving and no one wanted to speak about.  We held and helped those whom others were afraid to touch, and in those difficult early years, our work confronted with many obstacles culturally and religiously. 

From that humble beginning, we have continually expanded and deepened our focus to respond to the challenging HIV/AIDS epidemic, and we have become leaders in effective, evidence-based HIV prevention and risk-reduction in Pakistan.  Today, in addition to being the loyal organization working with people living with AIDS, we provide a full range of culturally relevant services to anyone who is at risk for or infected/affected by HIV/AIDS.  Through 16 years of experience we have gained unparalleled competence in serving minority communities, underserved persons, and disproportionately affected groups (i.e., persons who are homeless, chemically dependent, incarcerated, low-income, mentally ill, sex workers) who perceive barriers to prevention, care, and solutions to their medical, social, mental health, and physical needs.

In the first ten years of the epidemic, many believed that a cure or a vaccine was around the corner. Unfortunately, while remarkable advances in treatment mean that HIV infection is no longer the death sentence as it was, neither a permanent cure nor a preventive vaccine have been forthcoming.  Today, as in the days when the New Light AIDS Control Society walking door-to-door handing hand-made pamphlets, prevention remains our most powerful protection against HIV. Compassion, perseverance and hope are still the weapons we have to fight for life in the face of AIDS.

Who Are We?

New Light AIDS Control Society is a community-based nonprofit, nonpartisan organization located in Pakistan.  Our diverse staff reflects the populations and communities we serve, and collectively have more than 25 years of combined experience working with traditionally marginalized underserved and disproportionately affected groups.

Who Do We Serve?

  • Anyone with a family member or friend infected/affected by HIV/AIDS.
  • Anyone who is infected with HIV/AIDS.
  • Anyone who wants to know more about HIV/AIDS.
  • Anyone who has been involved in unprotected sex.
  • Anyone who shares needles or uses drugs.

Why Would You Get Involved with NLACS?

  • To learn more about HIV/AIDS and how to protect yourself and the people you love.
  • For a personalized assessment of your own risk, and a customized risk reduction plan.
  • For financial assistance, food, or transportation if you’re HIV+ or have AIDS and for access to medical, care and support management services.
  • For referral services for substance abuse treatment.
  • For counseling services, peer support, and a sense of belonging.

NLACS is Unique:

New Light AIDS Control Society is the first founded loyal staff-led HIV/AIDS services agency in Pakistan. New Light AIDS Control Society serves more than 300 HIV + families annually (Each family contains 5 individuals which makes the number up to 1500 individuals), and educates more than 5000 people per year. New Light AIDS Control Society is client-centered, and will customize service plans to meet every individual’s needs.

Our Mission

Prevention of the dissemination of HIV and AIDS, highlight the issues of People Living with HIV and AIDS and share the message of hope and light.

New Light AIDS Control Society